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Foggy Memories: It is a bit foggy today. Not "Gah! We're going to die, we'd better drive 10 mph" fog, but "oh, it's a bit foggy today" fog. When I went into the wide world of Provo, Utah, I didn't realize that other places don't get fog like Bakersfield does. I was shocked that other people didn't get fog delays! What do you do without fog delays! The joy of all winter existence! The Cancelor of Seminary! The reason for getting up in the morning (to listen to the radio)!

Other than listening to the radio, I have two distinct memories about fog. One was driving home from Bakersfield on a very, very foggy night. We were going less than 25 mph and had the windows rolled down to help us see better. Took us a very long time to get home. Someone was following us to make their way easier.

The other one was at Haven Drive. It was so foggy that we'd probably had a fog delay, but it hadn't cleared. Anyway, my friends and I were playing hide-and-seek on the playground, just feet away from each other in the open space. You can't do that in non-B-town fog!


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