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[Comments] (2) Spilled Beans: Guess what? I'm spoiled!!!

Oh wait, you already knew that. Well, here's further proof: John is taking me on an Alaskan cruise next May! We want to do it all: dogsledding, flightseeing, canoeing around a glacier.

Like I said, spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.

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Posted by Kristen at Wed Nov 16 2005 20:28

YES YOU ARE SPOILED! Oh my gosh, I'm jealous. In May you may still get cold weather, have you thought about June? Hopefully Aaron and I will serve our military time in Alaska, and we will get lots of visitors to take advantage of that beautiful state.

Posted by Susie at Thu Nov 17 2005 07:20

We were going to go in June, but decided to go with May to take advantage of the Memorial Day free-day-off and it's $200 cheaper.

Maybe we'll come take advantage someday!

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