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[Comments] (2) Ahem: Dear Family,

It's that time again - time to make Christmas shopping easier for each other. Please post your wishlist (you know you've got it) so we can start emailing behind your back and calling dibs.

I will be a bit of a hypocrite here, because I left my list at home, but I will post it soon. I even put potential stocking stuffers on this year - mostly because I didn't get any of them for my birthday =P Just kidding.

PS: Rach, you get to watch your Christmas present be made, because I haven't had any other time for it. You can be extra picky!

[Comments] (2) Wishes (not "Wishin'", sorry Chris): Thanks everyone who has (or will) posted their wishlists. I knew you had them! Here's mine:

black buttondown shirt
bright pink buttondown shirt
eyeglasses cleaner refill
$$ for Susie's Alaskan cruise fund
red nail polish
nail buffer
cream nylon trouser socks
big bath pouf
small soap dish
Dr. Scholl's cushy feet thingys ("He's so not gellin'")
cute socks
interesting books
practical little useful things
anything from Ghiradelli Square!!

Also have an Amazon wishlist, searchable by swishina@hotmail.com for CDs, DVDs, games etc.


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