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[Comments] (1) Holiday Spirit: I love weekends! I love the Christmas Season! yay!

John said yesterday "everything we did today had a Christmas theme." He was talking about our Disneyland activities, but really the whole day was like that for me. In the morning, Noelle and I went to a service day sponsored by the local Interfaith Council. We sewed hats onto little dolls, tied a quilt, made two fleece blankets where you tie the knots around the end, and wrote two letters each to Afghanistan orphans. It was really a lot of fun, although my fingers hurt from all the needle-pulling.

Then John and I went on our twelfth Disneyland trip. We visited the reindeer, had our picture taken in a sleigh, waiting in line to meet Mickey, watched the "Christmas Fantasy" parade, which was very good. Princess Count: 16

In the evening we pulled out all our Christmas decorations. We put our little tree up, with twice as many ornaments this year. I only decorated the front 2/3, and it looks pretty good. Our little tree skirt and stockings I made last year. Our light-up snowman and two nativity sets, and the blocks I made at Enrichment last year. It actually doesn't look like much, but it's still quite nice. Feels like home.

We spent tonight at Jamie and David's, me putting together her Christmas-themed kits. I got half done, which was nice because we are tired of hauling the stuff in from the car and back again. Only one trip this time!

I am excited for our busy, two-day workweek. Hopefully we will get to see Goblet of Fire tomorrow night. I am doing laundry now so we can get all packed and ready to leave Tuesday night. It should be a wonderful trip to San Francisco for Thanksgiving; it sure was last year. I am looking forward to seeing all of my family.


Posted by Jill at Mon Nov 21 2005 21:52

We had a day like that too! We watched Elf, and While you were sleeping, and the Grinch who stole Christmas (original) and Home alone...ok so not in one day, but we also went on a Christmas CD craze and made CHristmas cookies. I love this time of year!

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