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: A few weeks ago we got a new Bishop in our ward. We really like him. He and his wife pretty young and have two little boys, the younger of whom is in our nursery. Even though he can't talk very well yet, John says he knows all his colors and shapes. We've also heard stories about the older boy excelling in Primary and have decided they must be great parents. When I told Sister Watkins this, she said, "Oh no, we're on day 5 of 7 with no TV for not listening." Sounds like decent parenting to me.

I brought my paperwhite bulbs to work so Noelle can water them while I'm gone (needy bulbs). They have been quite the conversation piece.

Also, very clumsy today. I almost fell out of my chair this morning, right onto the floor - please, laugh! I did. Then I knocked an entire cup of water onto my desk when reaching for the phone. Luckily no papers got wet.


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