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The World is Quiet Here: My Grandma Rosie is gone. No one else in the world will ever be excited to hear of someone I met with thumbs like ours. I won't get to hear anymore of her Random Stories. I've been very lucky to have a wonderful, caring, grandchildren-spoiling Grandma.

I am a teeny bit mad at her for not waiting a few hours so I could visit her again. But she got to go home from the Skilled Nursing place, and she'd had a nice Thanksgiving with Pat and Alan. And she had finished the baby quilt she'd been working on.

I am more than a bit sad to have joined the realms of the grandparentless. There is still Grandma June (who "adores" me).

Other bad news: Unlike John, my cold followed me home from San Francisco and I am all runny today. Efrain was nice enough to bring me a box of tissues. Yesterday John and I brought in some Christmas decorations and did some fix-it things for mom. While trying to mend a pipe, I tripped and fell on the patio and now I am sore and bruised today. I am going to go stocking-stuffer shopping after work to make myself feel better, even though today is the only day to finish Christmas kits for Jamie. With John in LA, I will still have enough time to work, I hope.

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