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[Comments] (3) : Sumana linked to an article about getting your resume read. I once wrote something similar, if less well-worded. I was reminded of a conversation Andrea and I had this morning, relative to a recent incident at the front desk.

The receptionist is pretty much omnipotent as far as a salesman is concerned. Noelle and I screen calls for the IT director. He gets A LOT of sales calls, and rarely takes them. If you are a salesperson trying to talk to the IT director and he is always "in a meeting" or "away from his desk" or "out of the office", Face it: if he's interested, he'll call you back. Being rude to us won't help. Don't call back everyday, or four times a day, especially when we've told you he is out of the office, and will call you next week if he's interested. That's harrassment! And if we complain, you won't be getting our business anyway. Give us a break, and save us the trouble of putting you into voicemail everytime you call. You've already blown your chance - the first time we had to tell you off.


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