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[Comments] (1) Road Overkill: The drive to Bakersfield only took 2 1/2 hours last night. Apparently, fewer people want to leave LA on a Thursday than a Friday. Who knew.

I saw a tanker truck that said "INEDIBLE NOT FOR HUMAN FOOD".

Mom got some blood, I spent two hours with Grandma. She seems a bit better. She says she is still dizzy when she tries to walk, but she was talking more coherently, and more often. Pat and Don were there when I arrived, along with Rodney Love, Aunt Ellen's son, and Carroll, one of Grandma's brothers. We are going to dinner at Pat and Alan's with them.

Random Stories: One thing I love about Grandma Rosalie, or Grandma Rosalie when she has energy at least, is that she never stop talking. She just tells story after story about anything and everything. (It barely occurred to me this afternoon that I may have inherited more than just my squashed thumbs from her...) We reminisced today about one drive back from a Benson Reunion in Northern California, just the two of us. I don't think I said a word the whole time! Today I decided I was going to take notes on her stories, since I won't always get to listen to them.

Grandma Susanna: I have asked Grandma several times about her grandmother because it says in my confirmation blessing to get to know and emulate my namesake. Ok well, here's what Grandma Rosie knows: She lived with them when Grandma was a little girl; She was mean to her daughter-in-law (Rachel); She thought the girls' (Rosalie and Lou) dresses were too short, "Georgie, buy some fabric so I can sew onto the bottom of those girls' dresses" (direct quote from Grandma); Grandma has a picture of her sitting on the front porch with a shotgun in her lap. Yeah, that's it. We laughed so hard when she first told us about the photograph, though.

Grandma came to California when she was five. Mark had only had primer before, so they started first grade together and everyone thought they were twins. I think he is less than 1 1/2 years older. She said she later visited a good friend who still thought that!

I asked her if she'd ever liked to cook. She said when they were first married she made rolls from scratch for dinner every night. "When we started farming, that's when the cooking quit."

Oh, and Don was teasing Pat about burning dinner tonight. She says she only burns stuff when her brothers are around, and they told a story about one Thanksgiving when Dad turned the oven to "Broil" and let her rolls burn on purpose until the smoke detector went off. Everyone got blamed but him because he was sneaky. That reminded me of something John would do to tease and laugh about (well, maybe not ruin food...), especially since Pat's brothers are still teasing her about burning stuff!

Also, it was very cute to see Uncle Carroll sitting on the bed with his arm around Grandma, squeezing her every once in a while. Nice protective brother. He said he's been to visit her four times in the past two years.


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