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[Comments] (4) "You seem like a sensitive person.": Yesterday I met with the new HR Manager (my boss). Can she tell I'm sensitive because she is an HR person? Or is it that obvious? I know I'm sensitive, I just hate to admit it.


Posted by Sumana at Wed Dec 07 2005 15:29

Sensitive like "feelings hurt easily" or sensitive like "good empathy for how others feel"?

Posted by Susie at Wed Dec 07 2005 16:01

Well, she was saying she was direct and upfront (I have found this to be true already) so I think "feelings hurt easily"

Posted by Rachel at Wed Dec 07 2005 17:38

is direct and upfront really that great of a quality for an HR person? it seems bordering on confrontational... but i suppose she must have done so well so far. I don't think sensitive is a bad thing. Once a professor told me I have a "sensitive intelligence" which I think is one of the nicest things ever said about me.

Posted by Susie at Thu Dec 08 2005 07:21

Well, the next day I got a bit offended over her reaction to a spreadsheet I didn't even create. But I'm not sure that was me...

Rachel, I would say you have sensitive intelligence. I like to think I'm empathetic too, but I know I also get my feelings hurt easily, especially "back in the day".

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