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Yesterday: all my troubles seemed so far away.

Since John's car doesn't have a CD player, he mostly listens to Radio Disney. They have "Disney-ed" up some of the songs to make them more appropriate for their younger audience, but I couldn't believe one I heard on my way to pick John up in LA. It was Mambo No. 5. I knew they had changed the lyrics when I heard "ice cream." Ice cream? Women and liqour maybe, but no ice cream. So I listened and heard something like this:

A little bit of Minnie in my life/A little bit of Mickey by her side/A litte bit of Donald is what I need/A little bit of Daisy is what I see/A little bit of Pluto in the sun, etc.
No. Really.

[Comments] (3) Starving Kids in China Don't Have "X": Where did that phrase come from? And does it actually guilt kids into eating their vegetables? We are beginning to use it when anyone whines. Last night Rachel, John and I were all cuddled on the couch hanging out and Rachel said that her leg hurt from not stretching at the gym.

John: Starving kids in China don't have legs.

As not funny as that ought to be, we laughed for 5 minutes.


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