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[Comments] (2) Lucky 13: Saturday was a great day. John and I cleaned the house and did some Christmas shopping and then went to Disneyland. This was our thirteenth trip. When we arrived Disneyland was "full", which didn't bode well, but it was one of our best trips ever. Special things kept happening.

Obviously, we went to California Adventure first. We went on all the good rides: Tower of Terror (front row), the river rafts (hardly got wet), the swings in the orange (John hates those and has never gone with me before) and then California Screamin' opened just as we got there. We got very front row seats and it was awesome! So fast!

Then we walked over to Disneyland. As we walked around, everything had such long lines we didn't feel like waiting in, so we ended up going on the Mark Twain riverboat. Such luck! Not only did we walk right on, but the "captain" asked us if we wanted to go up to the wheelhouse with her. It was really awesome. We got to ring the bell, blow the whistle, and "steer" (John was right - the boat runs on a track). Also, we happened to have brought our camera, so we got lots of pictures taken with the awesome view. Athena told us lots of stuff about Disneyland and working there. And we got Pilot Certificates.

The fun didn't end there. We walked around the whole park, then ended back at Main Street and got on the train. We rode the whole way around. We were sitting at the very front, so we got to watch them fill the engine (it's steam, you know). Also, got a nice view of the "it's a small world" lights, and drove right through the middle of the parade lined up "backstage." Mrs. Claus waved to us.

After the train ride, we went back to California Adventure and had a delicious sundae. It was finally time for our FastPasses for Soarin' (we'd had them for 4 hours!) We got the very last top row seats. Oh, and did I mention we saw about a million characters? I mean, everyone was out today. Chicken Little, the Incredibles, Mushu (gave me "5"), Baloo, Pluto, Santa, Penguin, etc etc etc.

*sigh* what a wonderful day. I'm so spoiled!


Posted by Rachel at Mon Dec 12 2005 11:51

sounds like fun... I can't wait for my birthday!

Posted by Susie at Mon Dec 12 2005 14:30


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