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[No comments] Product Reviews: I have finally used the Silpat mat Leonard bought me for John's birthday. (I know, bad Susie: I really haven't made cookies in five months!!) It worked great! I'm more excited about how it keeps my pans clean than how it keeps my cookies from sticking.

At work we have giant tape dispensers for packaging tape. I haven't found them very useful in taping a box - I can barely lift them - but anyway. Efrain (maintenance man and "all-around good guy") was taping down an extension cord for us with one of these things, forgot he was taping down an extension cord and dug into it when we was trying to cut the tape. Do Not Do This! Huge sparks went flying. The tape dispenser teeth are all bent and the cord has a big burned spot, but luckily Efrain is fine.

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