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Old People Like Me: We got a card from Brook and Erin yesterday. Erin wrote “Susie, my mom thinks you’re the sweetest.” Then there was the time David came back from a visit to Utah and said, “Grandma June loves you.” What is it with me and other generations? It’s like when John and I went to Mexico and we went on shore excursions with old people and didn’t enjoy the couple our age we had to sit with at dinner.

Not that Lynn is old. I am a terrible judge of age and if I didn’t know she was Erin’s mom I’d say she was, like, 50-55.

In other news, yesterday the CEO complimented my outfit and the ribbon in my hair. From what I’ve heard, he is a very fashion-conscious individual, so I was pleased. I am wearing the “Christmas Tree Skirt” skirt that Mom made in the ‘70s.

: I really enjoyed this column in Newsweek. She writes about how Christianity will survive not being “recognized” by Target.


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