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[Comments] (1) Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer: I can't hear this song without thinking of Mr. Autry, the band teacher at Haven Drive Jr. High. Leonard and I were both in band the whole time we were at school there. I played the flute; Leonard played the oboe. I think we both got suckered into the xylophone at different times because of our piano playing skills. I was in winterguard drumline. I'm not sure what Leonard did. Mr. Autry loved us Richardsons, either because we were brilliant or because he worked with Dad.

I heard this song on RadioDisney on my way to work. I mentioned this before; they edited this song too. I went like this: Grandpa's taking this so well [cut to next verse].

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Posted by Frances at Fri Dec 23 2005 11:56

The author of that song goes to Grammar Hell.

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