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[Comments] (2) Christmas in SoCal: John and I went to Disneyland last night. We drove by a bank sign that said 78°. yay! Disneyland wasn't that crowded, considering it was December 23rd, and a Friday. It was very nice. We bought each other ornaments in hopes of starting a tradition where we give each other one in our stocking each year.

This morning we awoke to a bit of fog, which really made it feel like Christmas to me. Leonard also mentioned today that the weather in Bakersfield is usually foggy on Christmas. There was no traffic, it only took us 2 hours to get to Bakersfield, and Leonard and Sumana pulled up right behind us. We took Rachel out to lunch since she has to work (John's idea!) and Leonard and I have started a Christmas Eve feast. We made a turkey! Gretel was excited: she got the gibblets.


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