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[Comments] (1) Cute Things Kids Say: On Sunday, John and I were playing with Tyler, a little thing with a pump you jump on and it shoots a plastic rocket. John went to get one that had landed over the fence and was gone a while.

Susie: Honey?

Tyler: Honey! I mean, Uncle John!

Later, Tammy (Jamie's business partner and in their ward) and her husband came over with their little boy. I was sitting at the table facing away from the door.

Andy: Hi Jamie.

I look at him.

Andy: Oh, hi Sister Crawford. What are you doing here, Sister Crawford?

I keep looking at him, and finally say, "I'm Tyler's Aunt Susie", because I haven't realized it's Tammy's son yet. He just walked off to play with Tyler.

The really funny thing is that they don't know any Crawfords. But I probably just heard him wrong.

[Comments] (4) "You seem like a sensitive person.": Yesterday I met with the new HR Manager (my boss). Can she tell I'm sensitive because she is an HR person? Or is it that obvious? I know I'm sensitive, I just hate to admit it.


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