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[Comments] (2) : It seems like I never update anymore, even though I still think "why doesn't anyone else update?" Another incredibly busy week at work. But I only have one more page of numbers to read! (After all the data entry (again) we had to verify every number (again) twice (again)). Yesterday I spent 2 hours doing my job- store order, resumes, itineraries, and mail. It was great! I felt so productive, after sitting in our conference room reading numbers for four days straight.

We are having some of John's old roommates and their wives over for dinner tomorrow. I am making taco soup. My P. Chef party is Thursday (if anyone wants anything!) and we are going to make Mexican Chocolate Pies and Taco Dip, yummy. But what I am most excited about this week (besides finishing our numbers project) is going to California! yay!

[Comments] (1) : John and I went to a new place for dinner tonight. It was a soup/salad/sandwich place called Zupa's that just opened this week. We were out and about buying scrapbook stuff- the traffic was terrible and everywhere was crowded, but this place was relatively empty. While the tomato basil soup did not compare to The Soup Kitchen, it was still yummy, and I loved my salad. I was going to get a sandwich, but they didn't have sandwich bread yet... Anyway, go try it if you're around.


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