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[Comments] (7) : I asked John what he was making me for dinner and he said "Yummy Balls!" which are, of course, pre-made in the freezer. I will use that question in the future to get him to give me ideas for dinner. We are also having aspargus with hollandaise sauce, because aspargus was on sale.

It feels like it is practically the weekend because my party is on Thursday and Friday we are driving to CA. I've been giving myself fun projects at work, like cleaning out old files. I am even determined to organize our miserable and hopeless file room, mostly with the help of the company records retention room- We never look at it- why should it be in my way when I'm filing?

We went up to the retention room today, Linda and I. She hadn't been up there in about four years, which is probably why she forgot that our stuff was in a different room in the back. We spent 5 minutes wandering around looking for a Human Resources spot, only to find four entire shelves for us in the other room. I am excited to use those shelves to get rid of the junk in our back room.


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