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[Comments] (3) I am becoming boring: I never write anything anymore. Well, one exciting thing: I finally made tomato-fennel soup today. It was pretty good, but I made a huge mess, even with the blender less than half full. I did like the croutons though. I bought the fennel in Bakersfield.

We had a great trip. We spent lots of quality time with Mom and Grandma learning about Grandma Della, Grandma Rachel, and Grandma Susanna. All Grandma remembers about Grandma Susanna is that she was honery and she has a picture of her sitting on the porch with a gun on her lap.

Work is going well. I am keeping very busy by picking up old filing anytime I find myself with nothing to do. I like being busy, but I suspect I will eventually even run out of filing.


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