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[Comments] (4) : John and I made Fried Ice Cream tonight. Essentially, you scoop the ice cream into balls, roll it in cornflakes and deep fry it. It was yummy, but too much work for every night.

I painted my toenails orange. They have been naked for quite sometime, and I thought it was about time they had some fun. I also painted nine of my fingernails. The tenth hidden under a Band-aid, due to an unfortunate incident this morning involving a tomato. And a knife. My goal in painting my fingernails is to embarrass myself by their obvious and atrocious shortness enough to stop biting them. Hey, it could happen.

Back when I worked in the dishroom, I was always accessorizing with Band-Aids. I went through a box at least every month. Of course, half of that was also biting my nails too much. I really need to stop.

I have been doing a LOT of data entry at work lately. I definitely think my ten-key is improving. The problem is that I already type faster than anyone in my department (we are stuck with this project because of the confidential nature), and that means more of it for me. I like being busy, but I get so bored sitting at my computer typing boring numbers for hours at a time. And to think I was looking for a data entry job. I am so lucky.


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