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: The Board is coming next week and we are making expresso. By "we" I mean the corporate assistant. We are apparently practicing, because I feel like I am working in a Starbucks, only I'd probably be busier if I did.

I have done some random projects today, which is probably good. It has given me a chance to catch up and finish things so far back on the burner they'd been lost behind the stove.

: I broke a nail! I've been really good about biting them. Then yesterday my hands were wet and I went to open a drawer and my hand slipped and my nail broke. I'm so proud- I've finally become a real woman.

I've been wondering about boys with fancy cars. I'm talking about both ganstas and mid-life crises. When they're driving around do they just think "I'm the hottest thing!"? Or do they get over it eventually?


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