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[Comments] (3) Okay: I'm a liar. But I'm a liar with cute 50%-off stamps! I also won two free little stamps at the party. It was a lot of fun and we made a cute little gift card holder.

Yesterday I signed up for our 401(k) program. I figure, if the company will match 50% of 6%, and I can transfer it for free into our IRA when we move, why would I not take the free money? I realize this works out to about 1% of my earnings, but still- free money.

I got myself a nice project at work last night, so hopefully I will be busier today.

[Comments] (2) : Not only did I dream this last night, but I kept waking up and saying "I had a dream about this. I need to write it on my weblog." So I guess I do.

Ahem. I had a dream that a niffler dug a hole up into my bedroom (some fake bedroom). Now, I don't know exactly what a niffler is. In my dream it was a bear-dog type animal. It was supposed to be either those things that sniff out gold in Harry Potter, or the truffle-hunter thing in Ever After. And in real life, probably my Piglet pillow. Anyway, Mom and I couldn't figure out what to do with the niffler. It kept snuggling up to me. Maybe I miss Gretel.


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