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[Comments] (1) I love Saturdays: Today is a great day. Since John took his test yesterday he was able to sleep in too today, so he is also in a good mood. I leisurely cleaned the house, cleaner than usual because John is helpng. He is a better cleaner than me, and only have to clean two things gave me energy to do a better job.

We get to see Grandma June this afternoon. We had dinner there last month, but it still seems like a long time since we've seen her. I'm especially glad we're going because she apparently hasn't been feeling well lately. Even though we are old we still get spoiled (this is also true with John's parents). I think this is because we don't have any kids.

Aw, my honey is vacuuming, how cute!

John graduates in just 48 days! Which means 56 days until our cruise! and less than 150 until we move. Yay!


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