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[Comments] (1) The Best April Fool: I've never had a really good April Fool's joke played on me, but Linda gave it a great shot today. I had to go to an orientation for some volunteer work I'm going to be doing, so I didn't come in until 9:15. My mouse didn't move. I wondered why someone silly had put velco on the bottom. When my drawer wouldn't open, I remembered it was April Fool's Day (partly because Linda was standing there laughing at me). Got the drawer open, and my computer had never turned on. Linda had unplugged my moniter (that was pretty good, since I had no idea how to get it back on).

The best joke was that she had pried off the "M" and "N" on my keyboard and switched them. The reason this joke was so great, is because Linda was standing behind me shouting "how are you doing that!!?!" as I typed along. The joke was on her- I don't look at the keyboard when I type.


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