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[Comments] (4) : Last night I got together with four of the girls I went to Romania with (Kristen, Lisa, Angela and Emily). I hadn't seen Lisa since she left on her mission, more than two years ago. Kristen is having a baby, due on October 4. We got married the day before their 1 year anniversary (she was engaged while we were over there).

We had dinner and got to look at Lisa's mission pictures. Kristen and I reminisced about our kids, silly things we did, furniture that fell apart, etc. I got out my "Romania quotes" from my scrapbook and we laughed at ourselves.

I also got my new stamps last night. Unfortunately, I am very busy this week. I may be able to squeeze some stamping time in on Tuesday. I'm very excited to use my new stamps.

I'm also very excited to see Mom, Leonard, and Sumana who are all coming for John's graduation. The next three weeks are going to be great!


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