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[Comments] (1) : We had a great time with all the family this weekend (except the Woot!). Everyone arrived Thursday night and I made tacos for dinner. Friday morning we drove to Bridal Veil falls (it was closed), then went to Deseret Book. We walked up to the Marriott center to meet the Chadwicks and be proud of John. We all went out to a casual dinner after and I think everyone had fun chatting. Grandma June was there- she always livens up a party.

Friday we went to DI and then picked up Camilla for the big Whitney luncheon at Macaroni Grill for Mom's birthday. I guess I should say Call luncheon, because most of the Omans also came. Leonard, Sumana, John and I left immediately from there for the Salt Lake portion of our journey. We saw the Conference Center, Temple Square, the Distribution Center, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and the Church History Museum. We only visited the development of the church section and the Presidents' Gallery. The new Joseph Smith exhibit was packed.

We took TRAX to the Sam Weller bookstore downtown and read some books. Then we took TRAX back to the Delta Center to eat dinner at the Gateway. We ate at a place called "Thaifoon", despite the name. the food was pretty good, especially the banana springrolls. While we were eating it began to pour, so we had a fun trip back to the car without any coats.

We picked up Mom at Uncle Jon's and got to visit for a while. Then we squished with Camilla in the car to get back to Provo. John was kind enough to take Leonard and Sumana to the train station late at night so I could spend more time with Mom, who left this morning.

So that's my travelogue, even though I wasn't the one travelling. Thanks for coming to visit, everyone, and for supporting Master John and his achievements.

: Today I went to visit a friend in the hospital- she is having a tumor removed from around her spinal column! Yikes! She is very optimistic though, and the "it could be worse"s are so many. It just made me very grateful for my health.

We're going on a cruise in one week!


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