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[Comments] (5) Secretarie!: Yesterday being "Administrative Professionals Day" and all, Kathy went out and bought me a cute 12x12 scrapbook, for our cruise pictures. My co-workers such nerds, being all secretive. They also gave me some gift certificates (our main incentive program there). They said they couldn't get me flowers since I was leaving for our cruise- just as well.

We made it here safe. I had a great afternoon with Evaun learning about recreation consulting, and doing some quick crafts at some of the homes. Even though she can't offer me full-time right now (well, in July), it sounds like a great opportunity- very flexible, and something I can do.

We also visited the Tustin apartments we want to move into. It was much more hopeful than expected. Very cheap, fairly nice. We won't be able to get a 2 bedroom right away, but probably within a year.

Also having fun helping Jamie with her scrapbooking "kit of the month". I cut up 400 yards of ribbon so far. So excited for our cruise!


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