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: I love three-day weekends! Not only do you get a three-day weekend, but when you go back to work, you only have to work four days!

We spent Friday night up at John's parents' house. We saw Brynn and Kristen sing and dance on Friday night, and James, Hannah and Ashley dance on Saturday. Ashley teaches a class for little kids. Hannah was cute in her little pink tutu. This was at the mall during a "Children's Fair" so there were all kinds of booths there, including one from the zoo. They had a ferret, a parrot, a snake and a skunk. Hannah was more afraid of Spiderman than of the animals. The ferret was pretty dang cute.

Sunday we hung out with Tyler and Tasha, our next-door neighbors. We had dinner, played Racko and watched The Phone Call. Then yesterday there was a huge thunderstorm most of the morning. Since going to the cabin wasn't a possibility, everyone else wanted to stay home, but John and I said we were going to visit Grandma still, so we all ended up going to lunch with her. Then we went to see Robots at the dollar theatre. John and I (and Logan and Ember) went to get the tickets and save seats. Ember almost cried when I made her sit in a row by herself (she also had refused to dance in the mall on Saturday). The movie was worth a dollar.

We dropped by the Provo Cemetary, having already missed the Whitneys. Then we watched scrapbooked some more. Our cruise pictures are nearly done, but we haven't started our trip to Moab yet. Or Christmas or Easter....

: The other day I saw a billboard that said “Getting to hot? 555-COOL”.

Also, when John and I were driving back to Provo, we saw lots of hangliders near The Point of the Mountain- I counted 22. The sun was just setting- it was really cool.


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