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[Comments] (3) : I ordered a label maker for Kathy and it came today. When I opened it up and was loading the tape in, I found a piece of label all rolled up inside that said "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM 23°C". I'm pretty sure it's a secret message. What better way to transmit a secret message than hidden inside a label maker!

I just printed my first label ("Congratulations!" the User Guide says). It says "Susie" and is outlined with a cute little alligator.


Posted by frances at Wed Jun 01 2005 17:01

It's trying to tell you where the Krugerrands are buried.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Jun 01 2005 17:20

I wish i had a label maker with an alligator! Well, I'm incredibly stupid when it comes to label makers, because I bought the clear refill tape since it was like a dollar cheaper. I had made a label and stuck it on the BLACK binding of a book (we get all out photocopied books comb-bound) before I realised that the clear wouldn't show up on black! Ahaha ha.

Posted by Susie at Thu Jun 02 2005 07:57

You can get white on clear. I thought about that too luckily, before ordering the white. My alligator is so cute that I put him on my neat little-pen-holder-so-I-can-easily-grab-my-squishy-pen-from-Boeing. He is lying there grinning and saying "Susie "


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