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[Comments] (3) The Never-Ending Day: One thing I am going to miss about Utah is the ample outdoorsy stuff. I really enjoyed our hike with Joe and Louise on Saturday. It was a great workout, and wonderful to be outdoors and see all the green trees, the little "potguts", as John called them, the moose... And I was hardly scared in the cabin! Of course, CA has the beach!

Today has seemed to last forever. We even went for two walks! I also got a bit more packing done, planned some using-up-the-cupboard-goods meals, and we watched Pirates of the Carribean. John and I got lots of time to talk. And it's still only 9 pm. Maybe it's because I've finished The Order of the Phoenix and I can't continue. It will keep me excited for The Half-Blood Prince, but meanwhile I am continuing on rereading A Series of Unfortunate Events. The drawback: they only take a couple of hours to read.

Time must have slowed down or something. We probably won't get another day like this- next weekend is Father's Day and we are spending half in Midvale and half at the cabin. The next weekend is our last and we will have to spend it packing. Then we are moving and have to spend our next weekend unpacking and getting all kinds of necessary moving stuff done (buy fridge, renew licenses and registrations, go to Disneyland...)

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Posted by Alyson at Mon Jun 13 2005 16:46

I love days that are full of leisure and pass very slowly.

Posted by Frances at Wed Jun 15 2005 16:49

Awwwww! They are Richardson potguts!

Posted by Rachel at Wed Jun 15 2005 20:14

you can pick up bike riding or something. We can go to the beach! It's too bad I'm working at Russo's on my Saturdays now or I could have spent them visiting with you, or the mornings at least. Yay for moving to Ca. When are you going to come up and visit us?


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