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[Comments] (5) : We had such a great time at the family picnic last night. I've been so lucky to have my extended family around to hang out with and take care of me. John is still getting used to the fact that I even know who my second cousins are, much less have hung out with them.

Anyway, nearly everyone was there except for a few cousins who had to work. Even some of the Omans came, including Elliot the rabbit. It was especially great to see Michael again (the only time I'd seen him since his mission was at my wedding), and to hang out with Brynn, whom I'll especially miss.


Posted by Frances at Tue Jun 28 2005 13:08

WaaahhH! I wish I could have come.

Posted by Rachel at Tue Jun 28 2005 13:22

I think we should do a massive Whitney/Call relocation to California. Good for you, Susie! Starting the trend!

Posted by Susie at Tue Jun 28 2005 14:54

Ta dum! I hope you're still excited when you take the 405 to visit us LOTS.

Posted by Frances at Tue Jun 28 2005 16:10

I don't think we have to come on the 405. I always go on the 5.

Posted by John at Tue Jun 28 2005 18:06

If you don't take the 405, it's the 5 to the 55. Either way, it's a fun drive. Yeah, Rachel, if you don't prove to us that it is worth moving to California, we may just have to relocate someday. Make us feel welcome!


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