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In case you don't know how clumsy I am: The other day I was copying a HUGE stack of papers for Kathy and I sat them down on my desk until I could find a box big enough to mail them in. Then I managed to scrape my arm across the pile and give myself 15 papercuts at once! But for all the letters I send and boxes I pry open (we have this weird paper-tape that gets pokey when cut with a box-opener), I definitely get the most papercuts filing.

We had a good Sunday. I like going to my in-laws on Friday night instead of Saturday because it's nice to come home and still have Sunday ahead. Day of Rest!

[Comments] (5) : If I had a rule that I had to update every time I checked Crummy, I think the server would overload with my entries. But this time I thought I'd go for it. So here are some helpful hints for any job seekers out there.

If I can't tell what position you are applying for, I am going to delete your resume.
If you're not applying for a specific position, I'm going to shred your resume.
If you're not applying for a position we have open, I'm going to shred your resume.
If you must be 18 to get the job you are applying for, and you are not 18, I'm going to shred 
your application.
If there is no phone number on your resume or application, we won't call you for an interview.
If you show up 15 minutes early for your interview, you will wait in the lobby for at least 
14 minutes.
Remember the name of the person interviewing you.
Spell your name right.
Learn your zipcode.
Ask questions, but don't say "which job was this again?"
You should at least know what the company does.


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