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[Comments] (5) : If I had a rule that I had to update every time I checked Crummy, I think the server would overload with my entries. But this time I thought I'd go for it. So here are some helpful hints for any job seekers out there.

If I can't tell what position you are applying for, I am going to delete your resume.
If you're not applying for a specific position, I'm going to shred your resume.
If you're not applying for a position we have open, I'm going to shred your resume.
If you must be 18 to get the job you are applying for, and you are not 18, I'm going to shred 
your application.
If there is no phone number on your resume or application, we won't call you for an interview.
If you show up 15 minutes early for your interview, you will wait in the lobby for at least 
14 minutes.
Remember the name of the person interviewing you.
Spell your name right.
Learn your zipcode.
Ask questions, but don't say "which job was this again?"
You should at least know what the company does.
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Posted by Susie at Mon Jun 06 2005 15:24

How do I make a bulleted list?

Posted by Rachel at Mon Jun 06 2005 16:48

I would think that all of these are obvious. But then, when I was applying for russo's I accidentally put my La zipcode on my bakersfield address. But in my defense, they are v simialir. They both start with nine and end in four :)

Posted by Susie at Tue Jun 07 2005 07:33

See, that's the thing- you would think that those are all obvious. But we shred a lot of applications.

Sometimes I think about writing my work zip code, and one time I really did tell it to someone outloud, and John looked at me funny. They're both 846-

Posted by Kristen at Tue Jun 07 2005 14:02

You have so much power Susie! I would feel badly shredding all those applications.

Posted by Susie at Tue Jun 07 2005 14:21

Maybe the first time...


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