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[Comments] (4) Planted: John refuses to post a wishlist for his birthday (July 22nd!) so I am doing it for him. John would like: Wise and Otherwise, this cool game we played with Kristen and Aaron; Harry Potter 6; Rhoad Dahl books (in particular Matilda, The Witches, James and the Giant Peach, or The BFG); Robinsons-May gift card (new favorite store); digital camera (hahaha); plants.

We just bought a nice plant at Home Depot with a gift card John got from his brother. John loves plants now. It is a nice tall tropical tree thingy and it fills the corner between our bookshelf and our door perfectly. I also planted my basil but no sprouts yet. The plant I have from Grandpa's funeral did not do well on the deck. The leaves on one side were rapidly losing all their color and becoming limp. Not sure what could have caused this.


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