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[Comments] (6) Job Search: This week I have been working (temp job) at a fancy desk in a fancy office in a fancy building in a fancy neighborhood. How fancy, you ask? The fancy plant in the bathrrom has plant-green hairclips holding it to the stick. I'm supposed to take 1 hour lunch (blah! how about ten minutes?) so today I wandered across the road to the Sur La Table I noticed, because I know Rachel loves that store. It seemed like a cross between Williams-Sonoma and Bed Bath and Beyond. You can go to a sushi-making seminar for only $85!

Anyway, I am being the receptionist and I basically sit there and stare into space. There are barely any phone calls. Today I actually spent 2 1/2 hours making booklets. It was great. I don't have a computer or anything, so there's very little work they can give me. However, the office does have two flat screen TVs so I can watch CNN in stereo all day. By the way, this place is marketing a cancer cure... No really.

I am making a yummy dinner for John- chicken fingers, cheddar-biscuits and brown sugar carrots. Unfortunately, he called to say he won't be home until 8. It's too bad I wasn't together the last two days when he got home when he said he would. I'm glad we are busy though- it keeps things interesting. This week I have learned that if we don't go to the pool, we never have time to sit and talk! Of course, John's first CPA exam is on Saturday and I've been busy too.

I've had a ton of interviews. How do I interview when I'm working at a temp job? Good question. I had an interview at 7 AM today. It was great, but I got stuck in a ton of traffic afterwards, trying to drive from Tustin to Newport Beach- through the business center of the OC, merging onto three different freeways. Duh. I shoulda seen that one coming. Anyway. Most of the interviews I've had don't interest me, but a few have and I think I have a good chance. The temp agencies I registered with (they thought they had a good job opening for me) were all very impressed with me computer skills scores. The job market is definitely better here. I will be settled into a job I love soon.

Yay, my biscuits are done. In with the chicken fingers.


Posted by Frances at Wed Jul 13 2005 19:53

What happened to Evaun?

Posted by Sumana at Thu Jul 14 2005 03:54

Thanks for your entertaining anecdote. You give me hope for my own job search and remind me that my current job could be worse - I could have to drive there!

Posted by Susie at Thu Jul 14 2005 17:52

It didn't work out. It was WAY too much driving for very few hours.

Posted by John at Thu Jul 14 2005 20:29

Redlands, to be exact, when we thought we had originally heard Costa Mesa.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Jul 15 2005 10:35

Good luckie with the job search. I think L. likes Sur La Table better than I.

Posted by John at Fri Jul 15 2005 15:32

Susie needs to update her new job!


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