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[Comments] (3) Happiness Is: All the good news: Tonight we are going to Coldstone. We are also having cheesybaconspanishrice and my homemade tortillas for dinner (if it ever finishes cooking). Yum!

Tomorrow: HP!!! Of course we don't get ours for another week, but still! Also, John is taking his first CPA exam, which means at least a day or two of less stress for him. And, when he gets home we are going to DISNEYLAND!!!!! I'm also excited to go to our new ward again.

Monday: I start my new job! I got an offer to work as a Human Resources Administrative Assistant (sound familiar?) doing similar work to what I did for Nature's Way. It's with a company in Tustin that conducts clinical trials all over the country. It's smaller than NW, but still large enough that I will enjoy it; I have learned that I don't like working for small companies. Anyway, this job pays great, has awesome benefits, and the job sounds perfect for me. I'm very excited to start.

As John said, it really says something about the difference in job markets. I was able to find a great job here in a week, while working a temp job fulltime. No wonder houses can sell for so much- people keep moving out for great jobs.


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