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[Comments] (2) : It's been a busy day. I cleaned the house and sat around a bit while John studied this morning. I left before him to run errands- Target, Vons, bank etc. Then I put groceries away, repotted our plant (including drilling a hold in the pot- a cordless drill is such a great wedding gift), vaccuumed, now I'm pooped. John will be home around 5:30 and then we're off to California Adventure!

I hate how expensive spices are here. I enjoyed having the noname 99cent bottles at Macey's. I spent $10 on two bottles today! Ack! Also, I returned our broom to Target because the handle kept falling off. Then I forgot to get a new one! D'oh. If I'd remembered earlier I would have gotten one at the store or something. But I didn't remember until I got home and thought "hey, I didn't actually spend anything at Target cause I just used the money I got for returninig the.... oops."


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