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Smile: This weekend was even better than it promised to be. We had a great time at Disneyland/California Adventure. I like rollercoaster rides and swingy rides most, so I enjoyed Screamin' and Soarin' over California and we also got to go on Thunder Mountain. We also had very yummy pineapple ice cream.

I was telling Mom in an email about Soarin'- it's supposed to be like you're flying over California seeing (and smelling and feeling) the sights. The chairs move a little with the plane and you can feel the breeze. You're practically inside the screen, watching Yosemite, Malibu, and the orange groves fly by. It's a great ride.

Tonight we went to Jamie and David's, to eat dinner with them and to stay with the boys while David picked Jamie up at the airport. I got to read 2 chapters of Chad's Half-Blood Prince and I am excited, but enjoying the suspense. Ok, well I already know some important things that happen (I'm a spoilsport), but still! I still have a great book to look forward to!

New job starts tomorrow.


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