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[Comments] (4) California Girl: We made it! We're officially moved into our new apartment in the lovely town of Costa Mesa. It was a long drive and many trips from the three cars full of our stuff, but we made it in one piece. Right now we are stuck at home waiting for our refrigerator to be delivered- our movers are (surprise!) coming tomorrow.

This afternoon we went for a drive to look at nightstands and to check out the neighborhood. We live on the coolest street! Not only are we just blocks away from South Coast Plaza, the biggest mall I've ever seen, but we drove down the road to find Bed Bath and Beyond and also found: Target, In-and-Out, Trader Joe's, Vons, and plenty of other less exciting places. I have lots of Target gift cards from Nature's Way, so they'd better watch out! I am also excited to visit The Container Store. It sounds like a place I would love!

Our new apartment is great, I love being so close to the freeway (all three of them), not to mention the beach, the temple, and we have a pool and a deck and a skylight and vaulted ceilings. All we need is furniture! (and a fridge)

I'm glad to be home.


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