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[Comments] (3) It's about time: The Target I went to yesterday had trees planted every four spots in every row. What a brilliant idea! At least half of the spots are in the shade all the time! Since I didn't notice this in the Tustin Marketplace before, I looked around on my way back to work. Most of the parking lots do have trees planted in every row- but they're palm trees! Give me a break.

I also found a nifty way to get to my regular Vons on my way home from work. It's nice to just get it over with then, since I still got home more than 2 hours before John. 7-4 is a nice time to work.


Posted by John at Fri Jul 29 2005 12:41

Why are you criticizing paradise? And who in the world is 508ral?

Posted by Rachel at Fri Jul 29 2005 13:48

i got a spam comment from them too

Posted by Sandi at Mon Aug 01 2005 09:39

Susanna, can you send me your new address. Robert was supposed to get the nieces and nephews addresses but didn't and I need to get the invitations out! Thanks, Sandi (sandi.whitney@gmail.com)


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