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[Comments] (3) : Let's see. Busy week this week. Monday: Oil change, Tuesday: grocery shopping and bake cookies, Wednesday: Enrichment, Thursday: Girl's Night Out (we're supposed to be getting pedicures), Friday: Mommy might be coming to visit me, Saturday: Tyler and Tasha are going to dinner and the temple open house with us, Sunday: Make September kits for Jamie.

They are keeping me fairly busy at work with steady projects. They are not yet used to my efficiency, but I've only been turned down by both Susan and Andrea once* when I asked for work.

In other news, John has been around a lot more since his last test. He has been coming home a bit earlier (ten to seven instead of ten after) and bringing work, since he doesn't have to study quite yet. I like having him home.

And yesterday I cute up a pepper all tiny to make salsa with and later rubbed my poor eye. I called Mommy to whine and make sure I wasn't going to go blind (any worse than I already am) and she said I'd be fine. And what do you know? She was right.

*Update: Make that twice. I believe they are beginning to have suspicions about my superefficiency (at least compared to normal slow assistants).


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