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: When I told me co-worker Andrea about my busy weekend she said, "We've been living like that for 12 years." I really would like to have a day to do nothing, but I know I would find something to do.

The weekend started off great with a visit from Mom. Other than the Gretel-spots on my carpet, it was a nice visit. I enjoyed sitting in our camping chairs at the dog park watching Gretel romp. We also made fun of some scrapbooking magazines together.

I also had a great time with Tyler and Tasha Langston. I never knew Downtown Disney was so big! It's like a mall, only we get 10% off from our Annual Passes. Then we went to the Newport Beach Temple Open House. The temple was beautiful. The mural in the instruction room is painted to look like the California coastline, with the ocean waves toward the front. All the doors were made out of a dark wood and had curved tops like in a fairy tale, or a Romanian Castle, or a Disneyland ride. The grounds are also beautifully landscaped and there are some neat etched-glass panels.

Sunday we spent most of the day at Jamie and David's. John and I made two trips from the car to bring in all the work I was sent home with. It should keep me busy this week. Jamie is coming to my work tomorrow to pick up some of the kits that already need to go out.

We have another busy weekend ahead of us. John and I were asked to usher at the Temple Dedication next Sunday. I have no idea how the Stake got out phone number, because I'm pretty sure the Bishop doesn't know who we are still, but it should be fun. There are four sessions; we are attending the second and ushering at the last two. It is a long shift, but we don't have callings yet, so we might as well serve doing this.


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