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: I had a good time yesterday hanging out with Rachel. It's great that I can actually hang out with my sister on random occasions! Now if only my brother were closer... Anyway, as soon as I got off work, we drove around to a bunch of stores in the Tustin Marketplace. I bought two new work shirts. That makes four new shirts I've bought since we moved here- and no shoes. I did need the shirts, but I'd still like to get some sandals. Of course, by the time I find some it will be cold and I won't want to wear them.

On Wednesday night, while John was at the Angels game with a client, I made mini-kits for Jamie's online store. I spent about two hours, coincidentally the amount of time it takes to watch "The Incredibles". It was fun, although I feel like I haven't talked to my husband all week. We are going to Ladera Ranch on Saturday; John is going to study in the library there, and I will do the beginning-of-the-month stuff for Jamie. Then we are having a BBQ. I love having our family close!


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