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[Comments] (4) Susie vs. The Antennae: I'm in the kitchen innocently heating up a cob of corn for dinner (lame, I know). All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I see an antler! ok, not an antler, an antenna. At this point I begin talking to myself. "Oh no!"

What do I do? Smash it with a papertowel? Eew. I can't even stand doing that with spiders. I know! I'll vaccuum it up- the preferred method for post 7 AM spider-killing. I get out the vacuum. Hook up attachments. Plug it in. Aim at cockroach. Turn vaccuum on. Nothing. It scuttles away when I poke it with the tube but refuses to be sucked up. Stupid cockroach. "It won't work!" Duh, Susie.

What do I do? "I'll smash it with a shoe." I get a shoe from the closet. On my way back I glance at myself in the mirror, holding my shoe and almost laugh. I carefully move my Pampered Chef serving dish away from the hiding antennae. Thunk, "eek!" thunk, "eek!" thunk. "Eek!" Stupid cockroach. "Eek!" It runs into the sink which, of course, has some dishes in it. Well, I can't very well thunk my dishes.

"What do I do?" Turn on water. Turn on disposal. Wait for cockroach to get washed down drain. Well, a cockroach that won't get sucked up into the vacuum isn't just going to be washed down the drain. It took some careful aiming of the water, using a knife, to get the guy down inside. Crunch, crunch. "Eew."


Posted by Rachel at Tue Sep 13 2005 10:06

Ew, I agree

Posted by Kristen at Wed Sep 14 2005 10:41

I hate roaches.

Posted by Frances at Wed Sep 14 2005 17:19

I chased one down and squashed him in the middle of the night in my bathroom last night. He was still waving his antennae as he swirled down the toilet.

Posted by Susie at Wed Sep 14 2005 19:55

I have become suspicious at the recent lack of spidesr in my house. Maybe Mr. Antennae ate them before being ground up.


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