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[Comments] (1) A Weekend of Birthdays: Day 1: Friday was a wonderful day- John took the day off! Well, I took the day off too, but that wasn't quite as amazing. We slept in and then went to the Newport Beach temple in the morning. It was so beautiful, although tiny. We got to be the witness couple and the altar was all new and cushy.

Afterwards we went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. It was full of ladies with stollers and piles of shopping bags. I wondered outloud who these women were that shopped all day and dined at The Cheesecake Factory. Don't they have lives?

After that we spent some time at home so John could study and I could clean. John also let me open my presents then. As is his tendency, he totally spoiled me. He bought two big, framed prints to go above our bed. He also bought me two books, a DVD, some candy and some giftcards to In-in-Out and Jamba Juice so I could go out to eat sometimes too. I also got to open my package from Susan. There was a card from Grandma June and from Jodi and Franco and also two stamp sets for cardmaking and two books. Like I said, spoiled.

Next, we went to South Coast Plaza to buy some sort of decoration for a bowl I won at Bunco. We settled on a bag of light gray rocks to put a candle on, but when we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a candle, we found some cute potpourri and bought that instead. Finally, we went home and read until Rachel and Chris arrived and stayed up much too late talking with them.

Tune in next time for our next installment: Disneyland!


Posted by Rachel at Mon Sep 19 2005 12:05

yay happy birthday for susie


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