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[Comments] (2) A Weekend of Birthdays: Day 3: On Sunday, John and I slept in. Then he studied while I scrapbooked a little bit. I didn't get a lot done though. In the afternoon, we went to Jamie's. We had a lovely dinner, and Tyler, Jamie and John sang to me in the corner over a lemon cake. We were in the corner because the entire Deacon's Quorum was over. David bought me a pumpkin-shaped cake pan and some pumpkin cake mix and a nice spatula from Williams-Sonoma. They also gave us two DVDs that they had bought, only to find they already had them.

Tammy's husband dropped by some scrapbooking kits for me to do, and also a gift of several mini-kits. Very thoughtful. It took me eight trips from the car to bring everything in, plus the huge pile John brought in on the first trip. With a bit of rearranging, John managed to fit it all inside our closet. Of course I got half of it out last night to start putting kits together...

Also got to talk to my mommy on my birthday. Leonard called too, but we were at Jamie's and didn't hear it. I am so spoiled!

[Comments] (2) Thunder and Lightning Sure Can Be Frightening: We had a terrific thunderstorm last night. I was sitting around innocently making scrapbook kits listening to the rolling thunder, and all of a sudden *BOOM!* I jumped about 2 inches. It was so loud and long, it sounded like the sky was being ripped apart. There were a few other times it was so loud, including around 230 AM.

I am feeling a little sickie. Sore throat and no energy. I had some Umcka and drank a lot of OJ this morning. For lunch I am having pasta salad that my mommy made. Not exactly warm, cozy soup, but at least I am able to eat it. Thanks for the salad, mommy!


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