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[Comments] (2) Thunder and Lightning Sure Can Be Frightening: We had a terrific thunderstorm last night. I was sitting around innocently making scrapbook kits listening to the rolling thunder, and all of a sudden *BOOM!* I jumped about 2 inches. It was so loud and long, it sounded like the sky was being ripped apart. There were a few other times it was so loud, including around 230 AM.

I am feeling a little sickie. Sore throat and no energy. I had some Umcka and drank a lot of OJ this morning. For lunch I am having pasta salad that my mommy made. Not exactly warm, cozy soup, but at least I am able to eat it. Thanks for the salad, mommy!


Posted by Kristen at Tue Sep 20 2005 19:49

I love storms.

Lily threw up today and is feeling sick too. I wonder how long she has been feeling badly.

Posted by Susie at Wed Sep 21 2005 07:16

Poor lily! I haven't thrown up... yet.


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