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[Comments] (2) Delusional Interpretations:

Noelle: I'll give you a give to Molly.
Me: Who's Molly?
Noelle: tamale!
We had been discussing tamales for ten minutes!

Reading a sign in my rearview mirror while stopped at a red light. "Fee-mal-ay". Feemalay? I keep reading. "Exotic Dancers". Oh, female.

This afternoon I was reviewing Corrs lyrics for the occasional word I couldn't figure out. I was surprised that one song, Tell Me No, wasn't on a rather comprehensive list. Turns out, I had completely misinterpreted the title, which is said about 20 times throughout the song: Time Enough. I have listened to this song about 50 times. In my defense, I listened to the song on my way home, and it still sounds like "tell me no." But there is no excuse for the rest of my stupidity.

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Posted by Rachel at Thu Sep 29 2005 23:05

Haha, i read that and I was like, there's no Corrs song called "Tell me no." In your defense, till just now I thought it went "Tell me no for hard questions, tell me no for autumn fears... Time enough for tears." But it's not, is it? Well, I guess "Time enough for hard questions" etc makes more sense.

Posted by Susie at Fri Sep 30 2005 02:05

You mean, you knew what it was called that and you still thought it was "tell me no"? yay, I'm not alone!


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