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Soaky Susie: We went to California Adventure last night (don't want to get to Disney-ed out before Rachel and Chris come). The first ride we went on was Bear River Rafting, or whatever it's called. Rolling down a river in a giant intertube thingy. I got very wet. So wet that I finally took my shirt off and just zipped up my little hoodie. So wet that my jeans were still wet when we got home (not damp- wet). Luckily, I wore sandals, and the jeans didn't bug me so much.

The guy in front of us, with his pressed khakis and cell phone clipped to his belt, asked if his daughter could ride with us. She was a cute little Indian girl named Lika and beamed the whole time we were on the ride.

There was another poor kid we helped out too. When you get off Tower of Terror, you go down these back access stairs to get to the gift shop. There was a little boy standing in the stairwell crying. He said he was too scared to go on the ride, but was really more scared that he couldn't find his dad. So we kinda hung out by him until he found his family. Poor kid. That ride is terrifying, I can't blame him.

Anyway, I was telling John about this one time when I found a toddler wandering around crying in Tomorrowland. I'd noticed the little girl earlier, so I picked her up and took her back to where I'd first seen her, when her mom came up, grabbed her and yelled at me. Stupid lady; the kid could barely walk!

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