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Here is what I would like for my birthday:


Posted by Sumana at Sat Sep 03 2005 22:26

Are there particular types of plants you want? Also, what is your preferred length of skirt? Ankle or knee or somewhere in between?

Posted by Susie at Mon Sep 05 2005 10:15

Plants that won't die or infest my house with bugs. oh wait, I just described a fake plant. Well, it is my spider plants that need replacing. kneelength or a bit longer.

Posted by Rachel at Mon Sep 05 2005 19:55

It's too bad I already bought you a pressie, bc I have red nail polish, a buffer, and plant clippings... maybe if you are nice you can have them too!

Posted by Susie at Mon Sep 05 2005 20:38

Is your spider plant the one with stripes or without? The one without is the *really* dead one. Stripey is hanging in there.

Posted by Rachel at Mon Sep 05 2005 23:30

Stripey is pretty tough. He survived both mine and leonard's college careers, so I imagine his off spring is doing well too. I have one I have been working one, but it isn't doing as well as the others so I thought I would replace the soil. You can have that one; I'll show you when you get here. I dont know about the plain one, you'll have to ask mom.

Posted by Susie at Tue Sep 06 2005 07:20

I think it's on top of the computer desk.


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